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Plastic Laboratory Testing and Analysis Service

Need to outsource laboratory work  to perform Plastics testing, analysis, evaluation, de-formulation, failure analysis, studies, research, development, and experimentation? Or simply want to save time and money by calling an independent 3rd party contract laboratory?

Turnaround Time

Associated Polymer Labs provides some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry. Many of the tests we perform require 3-5 days. Some extensive tests take longer, we prefer to complete all testing within 10 working days. Projects require more time.  All reports are emailed. Rush turn around, generally less than 48 hours, is available at an additional cost.

Costs and Pricing

Associated Polymer Labs charges on a per test basis. Included in the price are all recommended number of replicate tests, analysis and graphs, and a basic summary report.

Basic tests like density, melt flow index of polyethylene, recycled plastic identification, light transmittance of plastic film, and gloss are inexpensive

Material Identification by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy including library search, interpretation and a summary report

Plastics Testing Laboratory Capabilities

Associated Polymer Labs ( )  can assist your company, organization, academic institution, or government agency in  your routine and non-routine Plastics and Polymers testing, analysis, experiments, deformulation, product development, feasability, and research studies such as:

Accelerated Age Testing
Additive Analysis Testing
Additive in Plastic Testing
Adult Diapers, Briefs, Culottes - Performance, leakproof, puncture, and waterproofness testing service
Analysis of Plastics and Polymers
Antioxidants in Polyethylene - ASTM D 6042
Ash Content Testing - ASTM D 5630
Blocking Test
Brittleness Temperature Testing
BPA ( bisphenol A ) in Plastic Testing
Brookfield Viscosity Testing
Bubble Wrap testing service - Barrier or Regular, Co-ex Bubble, Nylon Content
Bulk Testing
Bulk Density Testing
Burning Characteristics Testing
Capillary Rheometry Testing - ASTM D 3835
Capillary Rheology Testing
Capillary Rheology of Plastics
Capillary Rheology Laboratory
Capillary Measurements
Capillary Rheometer - Measure Viscosity versus Shear Rate
Capillary Rheology Laboratories
Capillary Rheometry Shear Sweep
Carbon Fiber Content Testing
Carbon Black Content - ASTM D 1603
Chemical Foaming Agent Testing
Charpy Impact Testing
Chemical Compatibility Testing - ASTM D 543
Chemical Resistance Testing
Chromatography of Plastic and Polymer Testing Lab
Coated Fabrics - Waterproofness Rating and Values, ASTM D 3393, ISO 811, AATCC 127, any thickness and sample size.
Coating Rheology Testing
Coefficient of Friction Testing - ASTM D 1894
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Testing
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion test TMA - ASTM E 831
Cohesive Adhesion Testing
Commercial Plastics Recycling Test and Testing Service
Compression Set Testing - ASTM D 395
Compression Testing
Condensate Analysis, Petroleum and Plastics to oil
Conduct contaminant and defect analysis
Consumer Plastic Testing
Content Analysis for Composite Materials - ASTM D 3171
Creep Testing - ASTM D 2990
Creep Compliance Testing
Cure Kinetics Testing
Custom 3D Printing Materials - Compounded, Mixed, and Extruded into 1 kg reels
Deflection Testing
Deformulation Testing
Degree of Blistering Testing
Degree of Flaking Testing
Density - Specific Gravity - ASTM D 792
Determine Leachables and Extractables in Polymeric Materials
Differential Scanning Calorimetry Testing - ASTM D 3418
Dilute Solution Viscosity Testing
Dimensions Testing - ASTM D 1204
Durometer Testing - ASTM D 2240
Dynamic Material Properties Testing
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Testing - ASTM D 4440, ASTM D 4065
Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy Testing
Dynes testing for surface energy of plastic films - ASTM D 2578
Elastic Modulus Testing - E’ and G’
Elastomer Testing
Electrical Testing
Elmendorf Test Testing - ASTM D 1922
Elongation Testing
Elongation to Break Testing
Environmental Stress Testing
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Testing - ASTM D1693
Expert Witness in Plastics, Rheology, and Polymer Science
Extractability of Additives Testing
Extractables Testing
Extraction Testing
Failure Analysis Testing
Falling Dart Impact - ASTM D 4226
Feasibility Studies Testing
Film Testing Laboratory and Service
Flex Testing - ASTM D 790

Flexural Properties Testing
Flexural Modulus Testing
Flexural Properties of Matrix Composites - ASTM D 7264
Flex Modulus Testing
Flow Rate Testing
Flow Analysis of Polymers and Plastics
Foam Testing Service
Foam processing service
Foam, Polyethylene selection and melt strength evaluation
Foamability Window of Polyolefins Testing Service
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - ASTM E 1252
FTIR of Plastic Testing
Frequency Sweep Testing
Gardner Impact Testing
Gas chromatography mass spectroscopy Testing
GCMS Analysis of Plastic Testing
Gel content and swell ratio of crosslinked plastics - ASTM D 2765
Gel Permeation Chromatography ( GPC ) Testing
Gel Time of Carbon Fiber Epoxy - Prepreg - ASTM D 3532
Gloss Testing - ASTM D 2457
Gurley Stiffness Testing
Hardness Testing
Haze and Transmittance Testing - ASTM D 1003
Headspace analysis for odors, contaminations, or compound purity
Heat Deflection Testing
Heat Deflection Temperature Testing
High Shear Rate Testing
High Shear Viscometry Testing
Hot Melt Adhesive Rheology
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing - AATCC 127, ISO 811, and ASTM D3393
Identify unknown materials
Identify plastics before purchasing - the special program for recyclers - "Best value in America"
Impact Testing
Impurities Testing
Infrared Spectroscopy - ASTM E 1252 Obtaining Spectra for Qualitative Analysis
Infrared Spectrogram - MIL-P-85891 - A potassium bromide ( KBr ) pellet is prepared
Inherent Viscosity - ASTM D 4603
In-Plant Testing Service
In-Plant training seminars
Intrinsic Viscosity - ASTM D 2857
Instrumented Creep Testing
Interfacial surface tension - adhesion properties and adhesive characteristics
Izod Impact Testing - ASTM D 256, D 4812
Lap Shear Testing
Leaching Studies Testing
Leachability Testing
Linear Thermal Expansion Testing
Log tan-delta versus log viscosity to determine foamability index of polyolefins
Log Viscosity versus Log Shear Rate Testing
Loss Modulus E” and G” Testing
Low Shear Rate Testing
Low Shear Viscometry Testing
MALS Testing - Multi Angle Light Scattering
Mass Spectroscopy of Plastic Additives Testing
Material Specification Testing
Material Testing Service
Material Testing Laboratory
Measure Leachables and Extractables in Plastic Materials
Measuring Polymeric Surface Modifications in Catheters, Medical Devices, and Packaging
Measuring Viscosity
Mechanical Properties Testing
Mechanical Properties of Plastic and Polymer Testing Lab
Melt Flow Index Testing - ASTM D 1238 on polyethylene ($40) or polypropylene ($75)
Melt Flow Rate Testing - ASTM D 1238
Melt Flow Testing
Melt Strength of Polyethylene - In-house and In-Plant - SPE Foams Division, 2009 Presentation
Melt Volume Rate Testing - ISO 1133
Migration Studies, Testing and Research
Migration Testing
MIL-P-85891 Infrared Spectrogram Test Section 315260BR2030
Moisture Testing
Moisture Analysis of 3D Printing Materials
Molecular Weight of Polymers in THF Testing
Molecular Weight Distribution ( MWD ) Testing
Navy Military Specification MIL-P-85891A, Specification Section 4.5.2
Notched Izod Impact Testing - ASTM D 256
Odor Testing
Optical Microscope Testing
Outdoor Weathering of Plastics and Polymers Testing

Oven Aging Testing
Oxidative Stability Testing
Oxidation Induction Time ( OIT ) Testing
Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing
Protective Packaging Testing
Peel Strength Testing
Perform counterfeit testing
Physical Properties Testing
Phthalate Levels in PVC Plastic Testing
Phthalate measurement
Phthalate detection
Plastic Identification Testing
Plastic ID and Type (1-7) Testing
Plastic Rheology Testing
Plastic Recycled Materials (1-7) Testing
Plastic Test Lab
Plastic Testing Laboratories; Spectroscopy, Thermal Analysis, Rheology, Mechanical, Extrusion, 3D Filament
Plastic Testing Laboratory
Plastic Testing Service
Plasticizer Compatibility Testing
Plastics and Polymers Discoloration Testing
Plastisol Testing
Poisson’s Ratio - ASTM D 638
Polyamide Testing
Polymer Analysis Testing
Polymer Flow Analysis Testing
Polymer Test Lab
Post Consumer Plastic Testing, PCR Post Consumer Recycled Plastic
Post Industrial Plastic Testing
Potassium bromide pellet for FTIR analysis - 0.5 mg in 200 mg KBr - Infrared spectrogram from 4000 to 400 cm-1
Prepreg Curing and Gel Time Testing
Printer Ink Testing - viscosity and flow to adhesive strength and bonding
3D Printer Filament Testing and Extrusion
Product materials testing and analysis
Product Evaluation
Product Longevity
Product Failure Analysis
Propagation Tear Resistance of Plastic Film - ASTM D 1922
Properties of Polymeric Materials using a Capillary Rheometer
Puncture Testing
PVC Testing
PVC formulation and bench scale compounding
Quality Control Testing
Quality Evaluation Testing
Qualitative Analysis of Plastic Testing
Quantitative Analysis of Plastic Testing
Reactivity Testing
Recycled Plastic Testing Lab
Recycled Plastic Identification and Type Grade ( 1-7 ) Testing
Reference Films for FTIR - Custom compounding additives in plastics
Relative Viscosity Testing
Residual Monomer Testing
Residual Styrene Monomer Testing in Coffee Cups
Resilience Testing
Resistivity Testing
Reverse Engineering Testing
Reverse Engineer New Products
Rheological Testing
Rheological Properties of Plastics and Polymers
Rheology Testing Lab
Rheology Lab Service
Rheology Testing Lab
Rheology Laboratory
Rheology 25mm Plates for Sale for SR5 heated parallel plates
Rheology - Frequency Sweep
Rheology - Zero Shear Viscosity
Rheometer Testing
Rheometry Shear Sweep
Rheometer - Capillary, Controlled Stress, Controlled Strain, Solids Analyzer RSA II, Extrusion Plastometer, Parallel Plates, Cone and Plate

Rheology - Temperature Ramp or Sweep
RoHS Testing
Rotational Rheometry Testing
Rubber Properties Testing
Shear Rate Testing
Shear Strength Testing
Shelf life stability
Shelf life testing services
Shore Hardness Testing
Slip Agent Identification and Quantification Testing
Slip Resistance Testing
Softening Point Testing
Solid Phase Micro Extraction ( SPME ) Testing
Soluble Matter Testing
Solubles Testing
Solution Viscosity Testing
Solvent Extract Testing
Solvent Resistance Testing
Specific Gravity Testing
Spectrophotometry of Plastics and Additives Testing
Spectroscopy of Plastic Testing
Stability Testing
Stain Resistance Testing
Stiffness Measurement Testing
Storage Modulus E’ and G’ Testing
Stress / Strain Curves
Stress Relaxation Testing
Stress Resistance Testing
Stress Sweep Testing
Surface Energy of Plastic
Surface Resistivity Testing - ASTM D 257
Tear Resistance Testing
Temperature Ramp - Sweep - Testing
Tensile Elongation Testing
Tensile Izod Testing
Tensile Impact Testing - ASTM D 1822
Tensile Modulus Testing - ASTM D 882
Tensile Strength Testing
Tensile Testing of Rubber - ASTM D 412
Tensile Testing of Plastic Film - ASTM D 882
Tensile Testing of Plastic - ASTM D 638
Tensile Testing of Plastic - Microtensile - ASTM D 1708
Testing Plastic
Testing Plastic Methods
Testing Plastic Laboratory
Testing Plastic Service
Testing Plastic - Associated Polymer Labs provides testing service for plastics and polymers
Testing Polymer - Associated Polymer Labs specializes in testing plastics and polymers
Thermal Aging Testing
Thermal Analysis Testing Lab
Thermal Expansion Testing
Thermal Gravimetric Analysis Testing - ASTM E 1131
Thermal Oxidative Stability Testing
Thermal Properties Testing
Thermal Plastics and Polymers Testing
Thixotropic Evaluation Testing
Time Temperature Superposition Testing
Transmittance Testing
Ultraviolet-Vilot Light Spectroscopy Testing
Ultralite backpack and hiking gear evaluation
Universal Testing Machine
Urgent or Emergency Testing Service, FAST, with a very short turn around time (TAT)
UV-Vis light testing
Verify chemical structure and mixture composition
Vicat softening point
Viscoelastic Testing
Viscosity Testing
Viscosity Profile Testing
Viscosity Number Testing - ISO 307
Volatiles Content of Composite Prepreg - ASTM D 3530
Volatile Organic Compound ( VOC ) Testing
Water Absorption Testing
Waterproofness Testing of Fabrics, Ultralight Hiking Gear, Performance Sport Wear, Tents and Tarps
Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing - ASTM E96
Wearability testing - Perform Hiking Gear testing - infield analysis - Appalachian Trail Evaluations - Extream weather testing, 15 hours of rain
Wetting Tension of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Films - ASTM D 2578, ISO-8296, TAPPI T-698
Yield Point Testing
Yield Stress Analysis Testing
Zero Shear Viscosity Testing

Melt Flow Index Testing
Analytical Laboratory
Failure Analysis
ISO 17025
Litigation Support/Expert Witness
Mechanical and Physical Properties

Mobil Apps
New Product Development
Patent Writing
Pilot Plant
QC/QA Programs
Rheology Analysis Lab
Thermal Analysis

Polymer Materials Expert/Legal Litigations

Associated Polymer Labs, Inc. offers assistance with Patent writing, and provides expert Polymer Witness.
Over 20 years of Polymer Processing, and Materials behavior. Contact for more information about how we can
assist you with your specific legal needs

ISO and ASTM methods

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