Service Capabilities

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Phone: 518-290-6804

Plastic Laboratory Testing and Analysis Service

Need to outsource laboratory work  to perform Plastics testing, analysis, evaluation, de-formulation, failure analysis, studies, research, development, and experimentation? Or simply want to save time and money by calling an independent 3rd party contract laboratory?  

Turnaround Time

Associated Polymer Labs provides some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry. Many of the tests we perform require 3-5 days. Some extensive tests take longer, we prefer to complete all testing within 10 working days. Projects require more time.  All reports are emailed. Rush turn around, generally less than 48 hours, is available at an additional cost.

Costs and Pricing

Associated Polymer Labs charges on a per test basis. Included in the price are all recommended number of replicate tests, analysis and graphs, and a basic summary report.

Basic tests like density, melt flow index of polyethylene, recycled plastic identification, light transmittance of plastic film, and gloss are inexpensive - only $35 per material evaluated. Other tests such as coefficient of friction start at $69. More complicated tests such as gas chromatography mass spectroscopy of polymer additives are slightly more expensive at $300.

Material Identification by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy including library search, interpretation and a summary report starts at $75.

Laboratory Capabilities

Associated Polymer Labs ( )  can assist your company, organization, academic institution, or government agency in  your routine and non-routine Plastics and Polymers testing, analysis, experiments, deformulation, product development, feasability, and research studies such as:


  • Accelerated Age Testing

  • Additive Analysis Testing

  • Additive in Plastic Testing

  • Analysis of Plastics and Polymers

  • Antioxidants in Polyethylene - ASTM D 6042

  • Ash Content Testing - ASTM D 5630

  • Blocking Test

  • Brittleness Temperature Testing

  • BPA ( bisphenol A ) in  Plastic Testing

  • Brookfield Viscosity Testing

  • Bulk Testing

  • Bulk Density Testing

  • Burning Characteristics Testing

  • Capillary Rheometry Testing - ASTM D 3835

  • Capillary Rheometry Testing

  • Carbon Fiber Content Testing

  • Carbon Black Content - ASTM D 1603

  • Chemical Foaming Agent Testing

  • Charpy Impact Testing

  • Chemical Compatibility Testing - ASTM D 543

  • Chemical Resistance Testing

  • Chromatography of Plastic and Polymer Testing Lab

  • Coefficient of Friction Testing - ASTM D 1894

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Testing

  • Cohesive Adhesion Testing

  • Commercial Plastics Recycling Test and Testing Service

  • Compression Set Testing - ASTM D 395

  • Compression Testing

  • Consumer Plastic Testing

  • Content Analysis for Composite Materials - ASTM D 3171

  • Creep Testing - ASTM D 2990

  • Creep Compliance Testing

  • Cure Kinetics Testing

  • Deflection Testing

  • Deformulation Testing

  • Degree of Blistering Testing

  • Degree of Flaking Testing

  • Density - Specific Gravity - ASTM D 792

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry Testing - ASTM D 3418

  • Dilute Solution Viscosity

  • Dimensions Testing - ASTM D 1204

  • Durometer Testing - ASTM D 2240

  • Dynamic Material Properties Testing

  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Testing - ASTM D 4440, ASTM D 4065

  • Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy Testing

  • Elastic Modulus Testing - E’ and G’

  • Elastomer Testing

  • Electrical Testing

  • Elmendorf Test Testing - ASTM D 1922

  • Elongation Testing

  • Elongation to Break Testing

  • Environmental Stress Testing

  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Testing

  • Extractability of Additives Testing

  • Extractables Testing

  • Extraction Testing

  • Failure Analysis Testing

  • Falling Dart Impact - ASTM D 4226

  • Feasibility Studies Testing

  • Flex Testing - ASTM D 790

  • Flexural Properties Testing

  • Flexural Modulus Testing

  • Flexural Properties of Matrix Composites - ASTM D 7264

  • Flex Modulus Testing

  • Flow Rate Testing

  • Flow Analysis of Polymers and Plastics

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - ASTM E 1252

  • FTIR of Plastic Testing

  • Frequency Sweep Testing

  • Gardner Impact Testing

  • Gas chromatography mass spectroscopy Testing

  • GCMS Analysis of Plastic Testing

  • Gel Permeation Chromatography ( GPC ) Testing

  • Gel Time of Carbon Fiber Epoxy - Prepreg - ASTM D 3532

  • Gloss Testing - ASTM D 2457

  • Gurley Stiffness Testing

  • Hardness Testing

  • Haze and Transmittance Testing - ASTM D 1003

  • Heat Deflection Testing

  • Heat Deflection Temperature Testing

  • High Shear Rate Testing

  • High Shear Viscometry Testing

  • Impact Testing

  • Impurities Testing

  • Inherent Viscosity - ASTM D 4603

  • Intrinsic Viscosity - ASTM D 2857

  • Instrumented Creep Testing

  • Izod Impact Testing - ASTM D 256, D 4812

  • Lap Shear Testing

  • Leaching Studies Testing

  • Leachability Testing

  • Linear Thermal Expansion Testing

  • Loss Modulus E” and G” Testing

  • Low Shear Rate Testing

  • Low Shear Viscometry Testing

  • MALS Testing - Multi Angle Light Scattering

  • Mass Spectroscopy of Plastic Additives Testing

  • Material Specification Testing

  • Mechanical Properties Testing

  • Mechanical Properties of Plastic and Polymer Testing Lab

  • Melt Flow Index Testing

  • Melt Flow Rate Testing - ASTM D 1238

  • Melt Flow Testing

  • Melt Volume Rate Testing - ISO 1133

  • Migration Studies, Testing and Research

  • Migration Testing

  • Moisture Testing

  • Molecular Weight of Polymers in THF Testing

  • Molecular Weight Distribution ( MWD ) Testing

  • Notched Izod Impact Testing - ASTM D 256

  • Odor Testing

  • Optical Microscope Testing

  • Outdoor Weathering of Plastics and Polymers Testing

  • Oven Aging Testing

  • Oxidative Stability Testing

  • Oxidation Induction Time ( OIT ) Testing

  • Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing

  • Protective Packaging Testing

  • Peel Strength Testing - ASTM D

  • Physical Properties Testing

  • Phthalate Levels in PVC Plastic Testing

  • Plastic Identification Testing

  • Plastic ID and Type (1-7) Testing

  • Plastic Recycled Materials (1-7) Testing

  • Plastic Test Lab

  • Plastic Testing Service

  • Plasticizer Compatibility Testing

  • Plastics and Polymers Discoloration Testing

  • Plastisol Testing

  • Poisson’s Ratio - ASTM D 638

  • Polyamide Testing

  • Polymer Analysis Testing

  • Polymer Flow Analysis Testing

  • Polymer Test Lab

  • Post Consumer Plastic Testing

  • Post Industrial Plastic Testing

  • Prepreg Curing and Gel Time Testing

  • Propagation Tear Resistance of Plastic Film - ASTM D 1922

  • Puncture Testing

  • PVC Testing

  • Quality Control Testing

  • Quality Evaluation Testing

  • Qualitative Analysis of Plastic Testing

  • Quantitative Analysis of Plastic Testing

  • Reactivity Testing

  • Recycled Plastic Testing Lab

  • Recycled Plastic Identification and Type Grade ( 1-7 ) Testing

  • Relative Viscosity Testing

  • Residual Monomer Testing

  • Residual Styrene Testing

  • Resilience Testing

  • Resistivity Testing

  • Reverse Engineering Testing

  • Rheological Testing

  • Rheology Testing Lab

  • RoHS Testing

  • Rotational Rheometry Testing

  • Rubber Properties Testing

  • Shear Rate Testing

  • Shear Strength Testing

  • Shore Hardness Testing

  • Slip Agent Identification and Quantification Testing

  • Slip Resistance Testing

  • Softening Point Testing

  • Solid Phase Micro Extraction ( SPME ) Testing

  • Soluble Matter Testing

  • Solubles Testing

  • Solution Viscosity Testing

  • Solvent Extract Testing

  • Solvent Resistance Testing

  • Specific Gravity Testing

  • Spectrophotometry of Plastics and Additives Testing

  • Spectroscopy of Plastic Testing

  • Stability Testing

  • Stain Resistance Testing

  • Stiffness Measurement Testing

  • Storage Modulus E’ and G’ Testing

  • Stress / Strain Curves

  • Stress Relaxation Testing

  • Stress Resistance Testing

  • Stress Sweep Testing

  • Surface Resistivity Testing - ASTM D 257

  • Tear Resistance Testing

  • Temperature Ramp - Sweep - Testing

  • Tensile Elongation Testing

  • Tensile Izod Testing

  • Tensile Impact Testing - ASTM D 1822

  • Tensile Modulus Testing - ASTM D 882

  • Tensile Strength Testing

  • Tensile Testing of Rubber - ASTM D 412

  • Tensile Testing of Plastic Film - ASTM D 882

  • Tensile Testing of Plastic - ASTM D 638

  • Tensile Testing of Plastic - Microtensile - ASTM D 1708

  • Thermal Aging Testing

  • Thermal Analysis Testing Lab

  • Thermal Expansion Testing

  • Thermal Gravimetric Analysis Testing - ASTM E 1131

  • Thermal Oxidative Stability Testing

  • Thermal Properties Testing

  • Thermal Plastics and Polymers Testing

  • Thixotropic Evaluation Testing

  • Time Temperature Superposition Testing

  • Transmittance Testing

  • Ultraviolet Visible Light Spectroscopy Testing

  • Universal Testing Machine

  • UV-Vis Light Testing

  • Vicat Softening Point Testing

  • Viscoelastic Testing

  • Viscosity Testing

  • Viscosity Number Testing - ISO 307

  • Volatiles Content of Composite Prepreg - ASTM D 3530

  • Volatile Organic Compound ( VOC ) Testing

  • Water Absorption Testing

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing - ASTM E96

  • Yield Point Testing

  • Yield Stress Analysis Testing

  • Zero Shear Viscosity Testing

Polymer Materials Expert/Legal Litigations

Litigation Support with a Polymer Expert

Associated Polymer Labs, Inc. offers assistance with Patent writing, and provides expert Polymer Witness.
Over 20 years of Polymer Processing, and Materials behavior. Contact for more information about how we can
assist you with your specific legal needs

ISO and ASTM methods

Associated Polymer Labs provides Pilot Plant extrusion, compounding, specimen preparation by die-cutting and testing services to meet industry requirements. We provide fast, knowledgeable and cost effective services.
Associated Polymer Labs has a fast turnaround time. We provide testing from a single sample to thousands. We offer a QC program with standard or custom test methods. Please contact us to learn more and discover how Associated Polymer Labs can help your organization.

ISO 17025 Test Method List

ASTM D882 - 10 Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting

ASTM D1238 - 10 Standard Test Method for Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer

Rheology Services

Liquid, Gel, Solid, and Melt Phase
Rheology Modifiers
Thermal Stability and Product Shelf Life
Melt Flow Index or Rate – MFI or MFR
Capillary Rheology
Predicting Polyolefin Foamabiliity
Polyolefin Branching Affects
Melt Strength and Melt Rheology
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis – DMA

Rheological Properties of Plastics and Polymers
Rheometric Scientific Solids Analyzer (RSA)
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)-Viscoelastic
Stress Rheometer (SR5)-Melt Strength Rheology
Capillary Rheometer, Volumetric Flow Rate
Torque Rheometer, blending and mixing
Extrusion Plastometer, Melt Flow Rate
Rheometry and Rheological Properties
Brookfield Viscometer
Intrinsic Viscosity and Viscosity Number
Dilute Solution Viscosity of Polymers

Recycled Plastics Identification ID Testing and Analysis Service

Discover The Answers ™

Recycled Plastics Identification ID Testing and Analysis Service

Identify the post industrial or post-consumer plastic using our Plastic ID service at Associated Polymer Labs. We have over 30 years experience with plastics.

Using the latest Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) spectrometry technology we are able to quickly identify plastic types from the recycle stream.

Melt Flow Index Testing Services /ASTM D 1238

Associated Polymer Labs has full service materials testing and characterization laboratories specializing in Plastics, Polymers, Elastomers, Foam, Rubber, Composites, Oils and Natural Products.